Clinical BOPulations

Introducing music therapists to new bops and new bops to music therapy

We're hitting the road!

Super excited to announce that we're hitting the road this spring! We'll be doing a LIVE episode as a session at SWAMTA 2019 Regional Conference- Connecting Through Advocacy!

Join the bop squad as we explore a song and its possible clinical uses in music therapy . You'll get to be part of the entire episode process of planning and recording. Our hosts will have our normal mic set up, but there'll also be a mic in the audience. Ask questions, offer ideas, laugh, cry... crowd participation is highly welcomed.

MARK YO CALENDARS, FOLKS. Friday, March 29th, 9:05-10:20am at the Sheraton Austin Georgetown Conference Center.

<3 The Bop Squad

P.S. Season 2 starts February 5th!